This is why I do Preservation of games

I just seen a post about a fire that destroyed most of the original masters of music and some old films

All too often do the creators or the companies that own the originals not properly preserve them, look at how many episodes of TV shows like Doctor Who went missing for years because they did not have the tapes anymore, or how Wizards of the Coast had to ask fans of the Dungeons & Dragons pen and paper tabletop game to scan their original books to provide to them so WOTC can use them to sell as ebook versions.

Stuff like this should never happen if they truly cared about them.

3DO Dev

We currently have one Development tower system, mac computer, and some software.


3DO Portfolio 1.1 and 3DO Toolkit 1.2 (Developer’s Tools & Software)

3DO Portfolio 1.2 and 3DO Toolkit 1.3 (Delevoper’s Tools & Software) (3DORelease1.3)

3DO Tool Kit Version 1.4

3DO Portfolio Version 1.3

3DO Portfolio Version 2.5

Cinepak CD Sampler 1.0

Dev Tower

System Shock source code released

Looks like the devs have released the source code for the Mac version of System shock.

Download from Github

Preservation of Disc games

With the recent purchase I can now create images of the following disc based game systems for preservation.

Microsoft Xbox
Microsoft Xbox 360
NEC Turbografx 16 CD/
NEC PC-Engine CD
Nintendo Game Cube
Nintendo Wii
Sega 32X CD
Sega CD
Sega Dreamcast
Sega Saturn
Sony Playstation 1
Sony Playstation 2

Amiibo Shipping Boxes

I am interested in getting a few of the original Nintendo shipping boxes that hold the amiibo figures when being mailed out to the stores. The one I currently have holds 4 in the box.

Pre-Order and Display Boxes, cases, etc

I am always looking to get display only versions of game system boxes, accessories packaging, and game cases. These can say things like the following

Promotional Display Case
Pre-Order Today

Normally these are just thrown out once the retail versions are released to save space. If you have any of these I am always open having them shipped to me.

Forming a Preservation Society

We are in the beginning stages of forming a preservation society for gaming history, will be looking for submissions of items to help with this. We also also working on building custom hardware for dumping and archiving of games on Cartridge, Discs, and Diskettes.